Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction.

This is the removal of the tooth from the socket in the bone. This is a standard procedure, and it can be the recommended options for some reasons. If your tooth breaks or gets damaged, then the dentist can suggest other alternatives such as crown or filling, but there will be times when the damage is too much for it to be repaired and tooth extraction will be needed. This is where extraction will need to be done. If your tooth is loose, then it will also need to be removed. This procedure can also be necessary for people who have extra teeth growing and blocking the other teeth from coming in.

Babies sometimes need this procedure when the baby teeth are not falling out on time to give way for the permanent teeth to grow. There are also people who have gotten this procedure because the braces being installed will need to create room for the teeth being moved into place. People who have undergone organ transplant can also need the procedure because they are at a higher risk of infection because the drugs they take usually suppresses the immune system. Teeth that are a source of infection need to be extracted as soon as possible.

An X-ray will be done in the area to make it easier to plan the removal procedure. You will be guided throughout the process and also tips on what to do after the tooth extraction has been done. The dentist will determine whether you will need to come back for another visit and if there is any other procedure that might be necessary. You need to follow the instructions you get from the doctor because failing can result in worse effects and the pain might go on for longer than it is supposed to be.