Digital X-Rays

Information on Digital X-Rays

During an initial consultation, the dentist will sit down with their patient to work on a series of tests. These tests will include a robust x-ray of the mouth to determine what's going on.

Here is more on x-rays and why they're essential.

What are Digital X-Rays?

Digital x-rays are a diagnostic technique that utilizes an electronic sensor to store/capture digital images. The image is immediately displayed on a monitor to help make a diagnosis.

Please note, this technique is the same as film x-rays which makes use of film.

These x-rays offer 256 shades of grey (traditional only provides 25) making the image clearer and sharper. This has quickly become one of the most common options in dental clinics because of its usability and reliability.


Benefits of Using Digital X-Rays

1) Easier to Diagnose

The sole purpose of using diagnostic tools is to figure out what's going on in the mouth. A digital x-ray offers tremendous insight into the patient's condition, underlying issues, and what's the best way to manage it.

2) Finds Hidden Issues

The naked eye will always miss something, and that's a part of the process. However, an x-ray will shed light on these hidden issues and magnify them on a large monitor at the clinic.

This information can then be used to build a robust treatment plan.

3) Helps Prepare Treatment Plan

The premise of using all tools at one's disposal is to maximize the resulting treatment. Whether it's spotting a hidden problem or building a treatment plan, everything factors into the value of x-rays.

A dentist will take the results and start to analyze them before coming up with a personalized treatment plan. Each case is going to have its own needs, and those have to be addressed in advance before treatment is suggested.