What Kind Of Dentures Are Right For You?

There are many types of dentures available, but they all serve one purpose: to replace teeth that have been lost or are loose because of bone loss.  We offer complete dentures, partial dentures, dentures made of resin, and dentures comprised of both metal resin. When in place, dentures can help you talk and eat normally.

Available Types

• Complete

These types are for patients who have all their teeth removed. They come in two variations: Immediate and Conventional. The immediate are pre-made and placed often placed over the gums soon after the extraction of the teeth, as the gums heal. The common kinds are applied around 2 - 3 months after the teeth have been removed and the gums have healed.

• Partial

These types can be applied without having all the patient's removed. They are more of dental bridges with replacement teeth and also come in two variations: Permanent and Removable. The permanent dentures have the bridge cemented on the gums, and the removable types have a bridge that snaps onto a wireframe or into the base.


Which Denture is Right For You?

What suits you will often be subject to the condition of your teeth. For instance, the complete denture will be an ideal choice if you do not have very healthy teeth or gums. For the partial denture, these require the patient to have healthy and robust dentine. Patients with few missing teeth and much of the remain ones being strong can opt for the permanent partial denture. Alternatively, they can as well settle for dental implants.

The removable partial denture, as well as the conventional denture, should not be worn overnights. They should be removed and cleaned before storage. All in all, patients should observe good dental hygiene irrespective of the type of dentures they receive because this helps the implants last longer.