Dental Implants

dental implants red oak

Dental implants are the most effective treatment option available to those who are missing teeth.  Dr. Schoonover works closely with a periodontist or oral surgeon to complete your dental implant for optimal results.  Afer your initial consultation with Dr. Schoonover, the periodontist or oral surgeon will surgically place a small, titanium shaft into the jawbone.  Over the next few months, the bone and titanium will begin to fuse together, stopping the bone loss associated with missing teeth and creating a secure foundation for a dental implant restoration.

You will return to the office of Dr. Schoonover to receive your dental implant restoration.  This restoration could be a bridge, crown, or denture, depending on your individual needs and preferences.  Your restoration will be placed on top of the shaft for improved health, function, and aesthetics.  If you are a candidate for dental implants, then dental implants can be an effective alternative to partial dentures and bridges because implants are a permanent solution that cause no discomfort or difficulty when you eat or talk.  For more information on implant dentistry, dental implant restorations, or your tooth replacement options, please call or visit our office soon.