Dental Bonding

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental health is an essential aspect of your general health, and you must ensure you do your best to ensure your dental health is good. There are different procedures and treatments that will help you deal with any dental issues you might be having. One standard treatment option is dental bonding. The bonding procedure involves placing a tooth-colored, composite resin material to the surface of the tooth. When in place, the composite resin will be able to repair tooth decay damage, close gaps between the teeth, correct minor alignment problems, or enhance the beauty of your smile.  The procedure can be done in one visit.

The process is the easiest, and you can expect to spend the least on it. The composite resin will be polished to match your teeth. It will help with the appearance of the teeth. It can also help to close spacing between the teeth and make the teeth appear longer or change the color or shape of the teeth. It can also be used to protect the root of the tooth if it has been exposed as a result of gum recession.

Coffee, tea, cigarette smoke, and other substances can easily stain the resin. This is why it is advised to avoid drinking or to eat certain foods during the first 48 hours after the procedure. You should also brush your teeth often and have a dental hygienist clean them every six months. This procedure will take between thirty minutes and an hour to complete. You can expect to spend more time if you want more than one tooth to be done. You might also have to go for additional visits to ensure everything turns out the way it is supposed to.

Dental bonding will prove to be an excellent procedure because you will end up with high looking teeth. You will be able to see improvement in your appearance, and this will make you feel more confident, which will help you with different aspects of your life.