Crowns & Bridges

Critical Facts About Dental Crowns & Bridges

There is a saying that states 'nothing you wear is more important than your smile.' However, our smiles can be easily damaged. Disease and accidents can chip and damage our teeth and in some cases lead to either the complete loss of a tooth or the requirement that the tooth (or teeth) be removed.

It is cases like this where dental specialists will restore that smile by using crowns & bridges.

Both crowns & bridges are traditional approaches to cosmetic dentistry. However new methods of securing them and new materials mean that these tried and proven cosmetic treatments had remained as relevant today as they were when they were first introduced.

Crowns/caps completely cover a tooth that is weak or has too much damage to be restored with just a dental filling. Crowns are also commonly placed on teeth that have received root canal therapy or when a large/fractured filling wears out. The larger the hole created by decay, the more likely that a crown will provide the best restoration. Crowns, when in place, will provide additional strength and protection to the tooth to prevent any future cracks or breaks.


Bridges are used to replace one or more missing teeth. Your custom bridge will be created to look like the missing tooth and will use the two teeth adjacent to the gap for support. Creating a custom bridge is as much or an art as it is a science and when in place, bridges can restore both function and beauty to your smiledental bridge. The use of bridges is especially vital given that a gap where the teeth used to be will cause other teeth to shift and will eventually result in the misalignment of the biting action - which will cause further dental issues.

Depending on your unique preferences and needs, your bridge may be fabricated using gold alloys, all-ceramic materials, or a porcelain-to-metal alloy.

Both crowns & bridges are manufactured to such high tolerances that when combined with new techniques for their fitment mean that they can last a lifetime.